The Electoral College Can Save US

I am nowhere close to a Trump supporter. The man has shown that he has zero moral consistency, his only consistent trait this election has been his impulsivity and erratic behavior. That being said, one issue has come up while browsing the news and my social media feed, the electoral college. There are people who wish to abolish the electoral college because Hillary won the popular vote, and many more who are urging the Electors to become “unfaithful” and divert their votes to Hillary instead of Trump. Typically these are the same people.

Many point out the fact that Hillary won the popular vote, I would like to point out the fact that she won by .27%. If .14% of voters, a mere 90’000 people had decided to vote for Trump we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Instead, we would still be egging the Electors to divert their votes. This is why I think that tossing out the electoral college seems short sighted, sure it may have been a bust this time, but what about next time? I don’t think that everyone who holds these two opinions simultaneously are hypocrites, but it’s likely that many are. I doubt people would even talk about the electoral college if an additional .14% of voters had decided instead to vote for Trump. Of course, the main objective of all these plaintiffs is to stop Trump, still many try to stand on the high ground posting about how the Electoral College is obsolete (it’s weird that so many people are passionate about the Electoral College all of a sudden). At the end of the day, I think it’s important to look at how institutions that fail can actually prevent “catastrophe”, and maybe we shouldn’t be arguing based on .27% of voters preferring Clinton.

Additionally, we had a popular vote system, it may have been the case that even more Trump supporters would have voted, as there would be no “safe” deep red or blue states. Take Texas, which had a voter turnout of around 42%, if 3% more had went to the polls, Trump probably would’ve won the popular vote. The Electors probably won’t vote for Hillary, but who knows with this election. All in all, I don’t think that getting rid of the Electoral College would have definitively solved anything this election cycle. We should view the Electoral College as a component of the checks and balances that are a strong part of American Democracy. I’m be willing to bet that this whole movement will basically shut down if Hillary actually wins the election due to unfaithful delegates.